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Shri Saibaba Sansthan - Karur

Daily program at Sai Temple at Shirdi. The worship schedule at Shirdi Saibaba temple begins early in the morning that continues till late in night. The daily worship program includes various rituals and rites for Shri Saibaba. Dwarkamai, Gurusthan and Chavdi open for the devotees at 4.30am and the Samdhi Mandir opens at 5am. With this temple is ready with prayers and various rituals invoking Saibaba of Shirdi. At 9pm Chavadi and Gurusthan close. At 9.45pm the upper part of Dwarkamai closes. And finally at 10.45pm the Samadhi temple is closed till the next day.

06.30: Kakad Arati in Marati Language (Morning), It begins as a request to Lord Sai to wake up and give His merciful glances to His devotees.

07:00: After the Kakad Aarati, the Samadhi and the Idol of Shri Sai is offered Mangal Snan (Holy bath) with milk, curd, honey, sugar, ghe and warm perfumed water.

08:00: After this Baba is offered Shodashopachar pooja leading to aarti. You can have full darshan of Shri Saibaba and also make offerings such as Flowers, Garlands, Coconut, Sweets, etc.

12:00: Dhupari Aarti is performed. After this aarti,

12.30: Sai darshan begins and devotees line to have a glance of Sai Baba

06:30: Dhup Aarti changes as per the orientation of Sun and thus it changes through different seasons.

07:00: Feed with Free Food

08:30: Shej aarti is done, which is the preparation for Saibaba to retire for the day.

9:00: Darsan closes after night Arati

Sri Sai Baba Temple

Near Perumal Temple
Metu Street
Karur, 639 002.

(04324) 22334455