Karur Sri Sai Baba Temple

All are welcome to Karur Sri Sai Baba Temple, to immerse themselves in the infinite ocean of Lord Sai Baba's unending love and compassion and attain spiritual peace.

Sri Sai Baba - Karur

Sai Baba is revered as one of the greatest saints ever seen in India, endowed with unprecedented powers and worshipped as a God incarnate. This mysterious being, who arrived unannounced in Shirdi as a youth and remained there throughout his long life, transformed the lives of those who met him and continues to do so for those whose hearts are touched by his love


"In everyday life, Baba never missed an opportunity to point out something that would benefit an individual's evolution. This could come in the form of direct instruction, or devotees might be put in circumstances where they were forced to realize something: "Like a loving mother forcing bitter but wholesome medicines down the throats of her children for the sake of their health, Sai Baba imparted spiritual instructions to His devotees."